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  1. In this case, minehut would have all the power as its their own fork, so would be able to control what can and cannot be edited. As files cannot be moved and jars cannot be manually ran on minehut, having it limited to certain folders should fix all problems
  2. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chestshop.51856/
  3. They could also create their own fork of it like they did with skript, blocking files being created outside of the skript plugin folder and only being .yml files.
  4. Considering you can only edit .yml files is there really much of a security issue with this?
  5. This was more of a ticket targeted at staff rather than the general playerbase of minehut
  6. Its saying the problem is about the JVM arguments
  7. Yes im aware thought some of the developers behind the scenes of minehut may know what this means though and be apply to apply some sort of patch. Seems like an error with the arguments used when the server is booted up though.
  8. Not sure what this is but it must mean something.
  9. https://jenkins.badbones69.com/job/Crazy-Crates/
  10. There is an issue with MineResetLite where in which the mines do not work unless they are in the world "world". Is there a fix for this issue? If anyone knows one could they reply here. Thanks. If this is due to minehut editing, could this please be addressed as soon as possible. Thanks.
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