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  1. Can i download the world? so i can switch server hosting. wow simple to do it. just do /dl world (name of world). GOOBBYE JOJO
  2. would be good if they didn't count skript addons.
  3. If you looking to link minehut account with your minecraft account then you press circle with the person in the right corner up. then press account settings. Then link account then minehut will tell what to do. if you looking too access your minecraft server then go to minecraft and press multiplayer then add server. write this in server adress %name of server%.minehut.gg. then you should be able to join it. if none of these is something you're looking for then it should be in the minehut channel in youtube.
  4. Why is this happening. Sometimes my skript folder just go gone and then all my scripts is gone. But now i have copied. First when this is happens is that none of your scripts works and if you do /plugins. Its say that i don't have skript installed and in the file manager it exist. Then after a restart everything goes gone that has skripts
  5. It just got my skript folder back. But not the old files i used to have.
  6. Test changing level name to world
  7. My skript folder is gone. I didn't do anything so i don't what happened. In minehut it says that i have skript downloaded but in file manager skript isn't there. I don't know what to do? I didn't save the world (My mistake)
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