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    >: I'm sad that I don't have such a cute dog
  2. Hello. This is an auto messaging service 5 5 5 1 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 1 6 6 1 9 9 1 2 3 1 9 3 4 0 2 is not available to leave a message please talk after the beep *BEEP*
  3. I mean I feed sad like the depressed nether particles you added. can you add pets? or like a place in the lobby that vip and up can only ender? I mean don't make nether particles feel bad man. they aren't even labeled correctly.
  4. I use this username for anything else.. so ya I just changed it to AspThunder
  5. AspThunder


    I said hi. so be polite and say hi back. uh, why you still reading I don't have any sinister reasons why I want you to say hi just say hi. muahahahaha
  6. perfectly normal. don't see anything wrong.
  7. lol, but these only have servers whom are huge, creative servers are more abundant just don't attract huge amount of people.
  8. oh creative servers, and if people don't want to answer outright they also can you this.
  9. like ------------------------- is the sky blue? no yes other <---------------
  10. lol just do it.... it'll be fun????
  11. you don't have an 'other' answer for the first question so I can't answer this survey.
  12. I'm playing a game that's not roblox


  13. I was quite active on the old forums.
  14. Hello old and young but apparently like 110% of people are 12 on this platform so I'll just say... Hello (12 year olds) people, I'm AspThunder or formally known as RavenHighLord. I'm some kinda age that makes the United States of America consider me a minor. I'm Asian. I'm a male. Just a male. I use to make Minehut servers but due to the frequent server data loss I have lost interest in keep on making my servers. I live in the east coast of America I'm friendly until you advertise your server in chat (lobby chat or not.) I'm a big League Of Legends Player, and really like making games, (with unity) I hate Fortnite. thank you for reading this. - AspThunder The Nobody.
  15. I'm sure most people don't care. lol
  16. Hi, don't know what you have dont to VIP's of the server. However, if possible can you add like a VIP + to go to a private lobby server that only other vip's go to.
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