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    Minehut already offers EssentialsX don't get fooled because its named just essentials if you run /essentials version on your server you will see that it is in fact EssentialsX (Not sure why they don't just change the name to EssentialsX).
  2. They can't add leaked plugins, here is the spigot link for context (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/️-advancedenchantments--create-custom-enchantments--173-enchants-.43058/)
  3. Most of minehuts players come because minehut is on the first page of .org adding an alternative to voting would mean fewer votes overall and thus kill (or at least damage) the player base over time.
  4. It would be really useful since many plugins have their messages on a separate .lang / .language file and not in the config.yml.
  5. Not to keen on the idea of having modded servers minehut is laggy enough as it is adding mods on top of that would destroy the performance.
  6. -1 You should be able to do this relatively easily using skript.
  7. A fork of this plugin would be really useful especially for editing messages from plugins that don't have a config or we don't have access to the config because it's not .yml.
  8. I just also saw that this has been suggested multiple times is there a reason why it's not added yet?
  9. Not exactly sure why this plugin is not here yet, its an essential part of world guard for many servers. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/worldguard-extra-flags.4823/
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