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  1. @TheRustySpud Yeah, thanks for that info. Stupid me. For the other guy in this thing... I might try it.
  2. Yeah, thanks. I had no idea that I didn't have Multiverse, yeah definitely not. To be honest though, /mv tp is what I want working, not just "pick a coordinate." I'm making a lobby with pressure plates as a way to get around places. /mv tp @p StupidWorldName Cannot find player: @p
  3. Me and a friend were making this server, and it actually paid off by that one night we worked on. A LOBBY IN ONE NIGHT. CHAMP MOMENTS. The command blocks are ready to be stuffed in... BUUUUUUUUUT THEY GOOFED ON ME, They simply don't work for @p. Works for ONE PERSON to tp to, but how? Maybe Essentials has done something wrong. If not, any workarounds?
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