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  1. UGimmy

    Skript does not work.

    When reloading the skript, no. But in /plugins there are 3 errors one of them being skript-db*. Maybe thats why
  2. UGimmy

    Skript does not work.

    command /setspawn: permission: setspawn trigger: set {spawn} to player's location command /spawn <player>: trigger: if args-1 is not set: teleport player to {spawn} send "&aTeleporting to &bspawn." to player else if args-1 is set: teleport args-1 to {spawn} send "&aTeleporting to &bspawn." to args-1
  3. UGimmy

    Skript does not work.

    The title says it all. Skript does not work, I tried making a setspawn skript it does not work!
  4. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure it's easier to just copy and paste the code from the current ram thingy to a new one and just removing the player giving thing.
  5. Add an option where server owners can turn on so player's who get banned or kicked be sent out to the Minecraft kicked/banned screen. Why this would be useful: People can make skripts and plugins can do their things on full bloom!
  6. "apply Slowness of tier 1 to player" is for the applying potion effects (I think)
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