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  1. Hey, you replied to someone a little while ago who was asking about a /sethome and /delhome plugin, please can u tell me/ teach me how to set it up please? You said to download skript but I have no idea what your talking about, thankq sorry - Nate :)

  2. You sound like you're trolling.
  3. No, they do not. Minehut servers are hosted on Minecraft Java Edition, whilst MC PE is on Bedrock.
  4. As a suggestion for the future, download your map and save all your config and script files locally in a folder or something. I personally use Skide for this, which is dedicated to Skript and additionally supports .yml (configuration) files, making it perfect for this.
  5. That's not how appealing for inappropriate names works. You are banned permanently until you change your name AND appeal. You aren't given the benefit of the doubt by being banned only to the duration of the time you can change your name, as there is no confirmation that you would change your name once you're unbanned.
  6. Contact me in-game or on discord and I'll be able to assist you.
  7. Install Skript and then add the following code to a .sk file: command /sethome: trigger: set {home.%player%} to location of player send "&cHome set to &b%player's location%" to player command /home: trigger: if {home.%player%} is set: teleport player to {homes.%player%} else: message "cSet your home with &b/sethome" I do not suggest using the Essentials plugin as it is quite buggy.
  8. Currently, /dl world is not functional.
  9. Feel free to contact me in-game (/msg Montrelle) as a lot of potential sources could cause something like this. Alternatively, I am available on Discord.
  10. Your son needs op to execute adminstrator commands on his playerserver. To ensure this, go to the web panel and head to the console: Proceed to type "op [username]". Replace [username] with your son's username. After they're op, try executing /weather clear. Alternatively, you can execute /weather clear from the console itself. This should fix the issue. If the issue still persists, it is likely there is a Repeat Command Block that sets the weather to rain. If so, disable command blocks from the Settings tab.
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