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  1. From a Minehutserver or from Minehut generally? And what's the Ban-reason
  2. I guess he forgot to code the command (/code) in Or these random numbers are supposed to be something else Or coords idk, 783 5 194 may be a good start
  3. Or just upload this into the scripst-folder in the plugin "skript" (still insert his name): nou.sk
  4. Install the plugin skript and make a skript with following skript: on connect: [1 Intend]if player's name is "<Insert your friends ingamename here>": [2 Intends]kick player And hope he doesn't find this skript
  5. it is but the command (/code 7835194) didn't work there, so I think it's something external from this MincehutServer So I'll continue working on my Server now instead of the code. Feel free whoever cracks this to claim the VIP and then tell us how you decrypted it. or not.
  6. That Downloadlink brings you to a very smoll ( 22x1 Pixel) Image with some colours. I suggest the hex-code of these colours give another (encrypted?) message Edit: the Hexcodes of these Colours are 687474 70733A 2F2F77 77772E 64726F 70626F 782E63 6F6D2F 732F6C 773031 6B6839 643561 393665 6A772F 616C6D 6F7374 253230 746865 726525 32313F 646C3D 312323 I smashed them into a hex to text translater and it gave out following downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lw01kh9d5a96ejw/almost there!?dl=1##
  7. So in the file there was a encrypted link. ykkgj://nnn.uifgsfo.tfd/j/1b2r4nbnrm5i6qv/ffy%20wretp%21.gex?uc=1 I decrypted it to following downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1k2a4wkwav5r6ze/ooh fancy!.png?dl=1 PS: These are the original and "decrypted" letters: a=j; b=k; c=l; d=m; e=n; f=o; g=p; h=q; i=r; j=s; k=t; l=u; m=v; n=w; o=x; p=y; q=z; r=a; s=b; t=c; u=d; v=e; w=f; x=g; y=h; z=i;
  8. But did Income also have some Outcome?
  9. User Name: BurnieSundown Offense: Hacking (Anti Knockback) Evidence:
  10. What's the problem? It's open-source: https://github.com/DiscordSRV/DiscordSRV
  11. Username: @Rabbitgaming#7876 What punishment did you receive: Ban (Permanent) Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: I got banned without any reason from 1 year ago and if I asked for Evidence it was denied. I suspect a (hopefully) Ex-Staff with the Name around Panda (idk the whole Name) of abusing and banning me without reason. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was suddenly banned. Additional comments: I also got banned from Warzone (years ago) for Teamgriefing from here, of course she/he didn't show me ANY Proofs.
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