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  1. Ahhh... Ok. That did help, I found out what was causing the issue. It was because I forgot I had another chatformat skript to remove the world name from chat messages. Thanks a lot though for the help guys.
  2. Sure. command /anon <text>: trigger: if arg 1 is "on": set {chat.anon.%player%} to true send "&aAnonymous mode is on." if arg 1 is "off": set {chat.anon.%player%} to false send "&aAnonymous mode is off." on chat: if {chat.anon.%player%} is true: set chat format to "&0Anonymous&r > %message%" if {chat.anon.%player%} is false: set chat format to "%player% > %message%"
  3. That's exactly what I did. But my name is still the same. Here's the skript. Could you have a look at it? anon.sk
  4. Hi, I am making an Anonymous skript for my server, So when a player has Anonymous mode activated their name will appear like "&0Anonymous > %message" in chat. I seem to have done something incorrect but I can't find any errors. If you know it'll be very useful. Thanks
  5. Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a GUI execute a command then send a player a message.


    If know how to It'll be very appreciated. 

  6. I can do the punishment GUI but I am pretty sure that the time thing won't happen.... Sorry!
  7. I have been practicing skript a lot more lately and I want to test my skills. Reply to this post with a skript I can try to make and if it works I will reply to you with the download! Thanks! Hope I get some tough challenges.
  8. Sorry, i can't do the move thing because i have to list every single block in the game but heres if a skript pretty similar. This took be about an hour and many errors so I hope you like it! spawn-skript (1).sk
  9. I could try... That'll be easy it's only the part if the player moves. I will update you when i have finished!
  10. Hello, I am wondering if someone has a head drop skript? On death the player's head will be dropped on the ground with the name "%player%'s Head" and it has a value of 10k. This is for a KitPvP gamemode. Thank you!

  11. These 2 skripts prompt players with a GUI when joining if they have the "vanish.auto" permission. The GUI asks them if they want to vanish. If "Yes" is clicked it vanishes them from all players. This skript requires the TuSKe addon and both skripts need to be installed for the gui to work. autovanishmenu.sk vanish (1).sk
  12. Spawn command skript download is below...
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