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    Group manager

    Last time i checked (which was a while ago), group manager was kind of outdated and broken, try using pex or luckperms
  2. I'm not sure about any compensation or rollbacks, but a number of people lost server data when they rolled out the new plans update.
  3. I looked it up and the only real post i found about this was from 2015 that stated that spigot does not have any redstone altering code, so they may have changed it since then. You should probably go into creative and import some redstone machines to check if they work.
  4. No, but you can just uninstall all your plugins and it will basically be vanilla
  5. Vectoring

    Minecraft pirate

    No, just buy minecraft
  6. I have multiverse and plots squared installed, both have check marks next to it, but no matter what i do to it plots squared it will not work or show up in /pl or show up in file manager
  7. benny is better than a sr mod he deserves manager or admin leave a comment to sign this petition
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