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  1. Yes i know the b thing, but i was thinking, if it automatically told the server, when people advertised it, then some bots would be removed.
  2. What i would like if Minehut added a so when somebody advertises the server, It would tell the server, so they can keep track of how many has advertised. It would also allow people to give things to people who advertise. This would also make it so fewer bots would occure, because there are some bots, which just check the chat if somebody advertises their server. And for Minehut, it would create a reason why people would buy ranks, with lower cooldown on /ad
  3. Allow users to make the /ad from inside their server, this is only a quality of life thing. But i would really enjoy it
  4. Is it possible to get this plugin into Minehut? - i would personally use this for antilag things. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skript-paper.709/ Otherwise is it possible to allow users to upload, our javascript to Minehut
  5. Anticheat that also allows use of MCMMO my suggestion is this plugin, which is an addon for NoCheatPlus Its CNCP - CompatNoCheatPlus URL: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/compatnocheatplus-cncp/
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