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  1. what i meant is like a training simulator game please thx
  2. could someone create a skript for me so like if i hit a zombie or any entity at all its gives me scoreboard point and make a hp thing to i really would like that if that would be possible i would litterly thank whoever made it for me.
  3. ikr this makes my life bad too. I really wish that they remove the plugin limit. i hate it when i reach the limit i might as well quit minehut till they remove plugin limits because i am not gonna pay for more plugins or at least make the free servers plugin limit to 50 and the other ones for unlimited then i will be happy and join back thanks sinciearly minecraft player Mist_Dragon243.
  4. Personal Questions - • Minecraft Username:L2Bh56mB • Are you multilingual?yes i know english norwegian and hungarian • Discord Username:Forks_cant_be_gods#0354 • Age:11 i hope its ok lmao • Timezone: 1.53PM middle europe Application Questions - • Why do you want to apply for a staff on Lift? i feel like being a staff because i want to help people and ban/kick people who are hacking or is doing something bad like autoclicking and i would love to be a staff as to help • How much time can you contribute to being a staff member on Lift? everyday as i like playi
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