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  1. Hello, we are in need of a new logo! We will be holding a contest to help us find a logo to use for the server. The logos will be judged by the staff team. The logo must include our Server Name [MinehutPit or MHPit]. To enter into the contest please post your logo in #logo-contest. The winner of the logo design will get a suffix in-game and $10 PayPal. Good luck and may the best editor win! The contest will end on October 18th, 2019 @ 9PM EST
  2. Minehut Pit -- Staff Application Format Are you interested in becoming a staff member for Minehut's PIT PVP? Well welcome to applications! In this post we will show you the application process, applications, and requirements. Please make sure to read everything! Application Process Stage 1 - Stage 1 is getting your application accepted by an Admin. To do this you need to have good detail and spelling. You need to be mature and active as well. When getting your application accepted you would message the admin on discord to get invited to the Staff Discord Server. In the staff discord you would be giving the Interviewee role. With this role you would be interview and question at a time you and the admins decide. Stage 2 - Stage 2 is after the interview you will be accepted as a full member but will be closely watched for 1-2 weeks. You would begin to accept/deny reports and appeals. You will moderate the server and discord. You will assist with events. After the 1-2 weeks you will be a full member of the staff team! Requirements To become a staff member you must pass these requirements. Please do not lie or we will demote/deny you and blacklist you from applying for staff. 1. You must be 13 years old or over. 2. You must have a working microphone. 3. You must have a Discord Account. 4. You must not be punished on Minehut Pit. 5. You must be able to message on Minehut. 6. Do not tell any player that you we're accepted as staff. Format Basic Questions IGN (Minecraft Username) - Age - Discord Tag (Ex. _RichieNy#0002) - Are you a member of the discord? - Why should we accept you as a Staff Member? - What makes you think you are a better choice for staff? - Do you think you can deal with multiply situations at once? - Situations If a player makes an appeal asking to be unbanned, but does not follow the correct format. What would you do? - If you find a player hacking what would you do? - If a player is botting the server, what would you do? - If a player begins to be toxic towards another player, what would you do? - Anything else you would like us to know? -
  3. Minehut Pit -- Report Format Have you witnessed a player breaking one of our server rules? Well, follow this format to report the player. For us to be able to accept the report you would need to get proof. The proof we accept is full window screenshot or video. For chat reports we accept screenshots and videos, but for hacking/cheating reports you will need a video. Ready? Click here to report! Format: Player's IGN (Minecraft Username) What offence are they breaking Proof/Evidence Additional Information
  4. Minehut Pit -- Appeal Format Were you banned or muted unfairly or would like you ban/mute reduced. There you are at the right place. Please follow the format below to create an appeal. There are some stuff you need to know first. Please do not tell any staff member to look at your appeal. If you do, the appeal will be instantly denied. Ready to start you appeal? Click here to begin! Format: What is your IGN (Minecraft Username)? What is your Discord tag (@_RichieNy#0002)? What was your punishment reason? What platform were you punished on (Server or Discord)? Why should we unpunish you?
  5. ProtocolSupport is already on Minehut, but thanks for the consideration! Topic Moved to Suggestions > Plugins
  6. Please make sure you are posting in the correct category! Topic Moved to Community Support
  7. Yes, there is an issue with the download software we use for Minehut. You will be unable to download worlds/logs. On the other hand, you can still upload.
  8. Good luck to all the applicants! I'm so excited to see and get to know so many more people!
  9. Please make sure you are posting in the correct category! Topic Moved to Community Support ~_RichieNy
  10. Add me as well. Also, maybe the Minehut spawn as a world.
  11. Question/Issue has been Answered by @Minipixel! Topic Locked ~_RichieNy
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