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  1. Username: LittleBoyBlue09 What punishment did you receive: Ban for Being a Bot Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: IDK what a bot is I'm only 10. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was kicked they day before twice for reach but it said possible reach so I contacted another staff member, and they said it was just a plugin. The weird thing is, today, when I got banned, I played, and i decided to go eat. After that I went to go play Hypixel, and when I wanted to go play Warzone, I was suddenly banned. I don't see what happened, or if they banned the wrong person. Additional comments: I really love this server, and I don't want to get banned. I was so confused on why Warzone had disbanded and when I saw it open back up, I was so happy! Then I got banned today and I'm so sad.
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