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  1. Hey! Nobody knows me and probably never will, but i'm back! Previous Usernames you might remember: ExdroidWarrior, ArkienIce, ThatDopePlayer, deku0, ValuedCookie (idk) Been playing since around 2016-2017 ever since the community was full of greatness, toxicity, and most of all: WARZONE!!! So yeah I am back and I'm hoping to contribute to the server once again. If you want to know about me: I like to play video games, create websites, hack stuff, program, make friends and have fun. So, hope to see you all on the server (side note: my current username is ExdroidWarrior once agai
  2. ValuedCookie


    That sounds great except you haven't provided any plugin link.
  3. i cant really help you but I know a video that will. DM me
  4. hey minehut the server hosting that has a ton of bugs can you give me a few reasons why mobs barely spawn in my smp world? i tried changing the difficulty, restarting the server, etc. I barely have plugins either. need help plz ive gotten no help
  5. duude i have the same problem
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