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  1. No problem, all the best
  2. Unfortunately Minehut does not allow cracked versions of Minecraft to connect to their servers as it can be quite a big security risk and invulnerability. If you would like to connect to Minehut I'd advise purchasing a premium account which I've linked here.
  3. I appreciate it man, the goal was to put something out that might create nostalgia and would be fun to look back on from time to time. Kicking myself that I didn't take more screenshots from promotions and such but regardless, enjoyed my time here and I'm very grateful for the opportunity. Thanks and all the best.
  4. Glad to hear and hope you're keeping safe, see ya around.
  5. Explaining the Staff Team Changes Hello there. I'm sure everyone's aware and has taken in the recent evens which took place. I'm probably a bit late to the party but considering my involvement within those events it's been hard to get around to making this post. For those who are unsure of what I mean by "recent events" allow me to reiterate. Recently, Trent & Super League had decided on bringing in a new & improved Moderation Team which would allow them to implement 24/7 Moderation. Unfortunately, even though our previous team consisted of 20 Moderators, 8 Helpers & 2 S
  6. Appreciate everyone's compassion to benefiting something they care about. It's been fun.
  7. Hey, could I get Manager please?
  8. Bro my server just got suspened like how?

    its MHBeds btw

  9. nice name g a s t e r s

  10. Hello Gasters!

  11. Hey there!
  12. Howdy & Welcome to the forums.
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