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  1. Hey, could I get Manager please?
  2. Bro my server just got suspened like how?

    its MHBeds btw

  3. nice name g a s t e r s

  4. Hello Gasters!

  5. Hey there!
  6. Howdy & Welcome to the forums.
  7. Hey, welcome to the forums.
  8. We understand that there's no share console feature yet meaning consoles can be easily breached by users who it's shared to. We encourage you only give out your console details to people who you have trust in. But besides the point, we plan on having sub-users in the future, currently the idea is still being drafted but if people have any suggestions or implementations they might like to be added to it please head over to our Meta discord which I've left a link to below. https://discord.gg/pgXMSFh
  9. If I have to be honest. As much as Minehut and it's staff love seeing cool and unique servers and are eager to help them out- the objective of Minehut was never to restrict anyone from creating a server they want to make. We are a service that provides servers to anyone and the users who want to use our service are free to create whatever they want whether it's fun gamemodes or boring ones, Minehut does at times encourage users to create something unique and authentic, but again we will never restrict anyone from creating any type of server aslong as it stays in line with our Server Rules link
  10. Gasters

    VIP Giveaway

    Kailum I could really use this rank!
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