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    i didn't know that thanks.
  2. Maxtur


    helps new players not much else to say lol
  3. Shouldn't you be able to do that with the generator?
  4. The main problem I see here is that it would lag the tf out of minehut and if everyone used this it would crash multiple times a day, And unlimited ram (like you said) is Very hard to make.
  5. It's an ok plugin, But I highly recommend using the generator by haselkern Because it is much easier to use for all versions. https://haselkern.com/Minecraft-ArmorStand/
  6. Maxtur


    That would be nice, yeah
  7. -1 Gotta agree, The void works better that the bedrock by far.
  8. Im not very sure, Usually you need to have a Premium Client, Hopefully this video can help: Edit: This video actually may not work.
  9. I'm not very familiar with this plugin, But I guess it would be a pretty useful plugin, Though I have never used it myself.
  10. Yeah, Like he said, You might have to reset your server if you didn't have any previous saves or other ways to back it up.
  11. Someone made a command for that a long time ago, But I just don't remember the command or the website it was on
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