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  1. you buy patron rank what is minehut
  2. Complete the lobby parkour 100 times in a row without missing a single jump. You also have a maximum of 15 minutes for each run and you have to record it all. how do i delete minehut
  3. You hit all the big red shiny cool buttons in the danger zone section. is trent real?
  4. Try join on vanilla and delete plugins. If that doesn't work, maybe try kill all entities or log in with an alt - it might be something your player is trying to load in. You could also try downloading your world and exploring it in singleplayer then upload the new one.
  5. - Originality. - Having a playerbase and keeping it. - Good moderation. - Fair gameplay - don't make it pay to win and don't make extra kits/gear overpowered as hell where new players don't get a chance to do anything. Should be a good start,
  6. It's not like they just want to bully us, it's there for performance reasons. Also, if you vote everyday, you can get the monthly MH20 for free.
  7. Pretty much what the title says, I'm working on an anticheat for my upcoming server. Some parts are public and free, some parts are paid for and some parts are made by me and when we combine all this, we get a mega epic anticheat. It's still far from done, might post more updates on it if people seem interested. Beta: https://youtu.be/T0_xfZGsT3Q Proof of concept, works well, has way too many false positives though Beta 0.2: https://youtu.be/LWKqHFgZUz0 Doesn't destroy chat, cancels out way more hits when needed, many less false positives - almost non-existent
  8. I believe this is one of or the only oitc servers on Minehut so it's pretty unique. I've joined a lot of different PvP servers on Minehut but the problem I've repeatedly noticed is that most of the time, the game is too rough for new players. Usually, there's a fair bit of pay to win and most new players get targeted by people with godly gear. This obviously causes a lot of players to leave and have a bad opinion of the server. With Oitcr, we strive to differ from the outdated, unfair ways of running PvP servers and we are trying to bring something new to the Minehut community. Thi
  9. I usually host Nitro giveaways and stuff in my own server but I don't think many people want anything from here so there's not much point. I have all these left over perks from Xbox Gamepass Ultimate and I don't want.. any of them. But I also don't want to see them all go to waste so if anyone wants anything from the list, feel free to dm me - Aroze#0001.
  10. Hello! I'm Aroze, a massive tech nerd, usually pretty friendly, born and raised in the UK and can only really speak English. My hobbies are more or less just playing Minecraft, talking on Discord and well, that's about it. Ign - aroze123. I mainly play on Java, version always varies. I've been apart of the Minehut network for a few years now, haven't really gotten round to being active on the forums though - hopefully will change soon. Over the past month, I've tried becoming much more involved in the community as a whole. I spend multiple hours a day just just helping out people in
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