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  1. my friends and i are playing and the first time we played they could build but now they cant do anything but walk around. they cant interact with anything. any help? UPDATE: we narrowed it down when they are at another location they can place things and when no one is opped they can place things?
  2. can someone please help me get ChangeSkin to work? i have ProtocolLib installed as well but i believe i'm having trouble with permissions and it seems overly complicated to fix
  3. on the mine hut terminal i have command blocks enabled and on game rules i have command block output set to true but when ever i put in a command it says that 'command blocks are not enabled on this server' and i don't understand how to fix that. i know that you have to edit server.properties but mine hut stops me from doing that please help
  4. StarTown

    sever crash on join

    does anyone know how how to fix the problem that causes a server to crash as soon as you join? the glitch has affected all of the OPS on my server and we don't know how to get out of it. the glitch starts when we tried to warp and then the server lagged. the chunks stopped loading in and then the server crashed. after that whenever we try to join we can only see the void and then the server crashes again. any way to get out of this?
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