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  1. My suggestion is to make a command like /stats or /serverstats which goes like this you type /stats <servername> and shows like how many players are online and if it even is online or offline. Example: /stats Idler This server is currently Online and has 21 players. Thats my idea because I hate having to do /join <name> just to see if it is online then randomly getting sent to it at a random time
  2. Save the world and keep the environment clean Own a real server and have 5 players or own a minehut server and have 25 players
  3. I play desktop with (almost) all my gaming equipment being razer (the company)
  4. AviSpoofera


    What Internet browsers (or search engines) do you use? If you would like, Also add in why you use that browser and your favorite part about it. I use Google Chrome and I like it as it is simple and easy to use, My favorite part is it has (mostly) free extensions and themes.
  5. Nice post Definitely Interesting!
  6. What is the thing you wanted bad but could not get because you are too young? Mine is minehut staff applications lol (also I don't want to quit I changed my mind if anyone saw that)
  7. yellow bursting stars (starbursts) (also supernovas i guess) Badlion or LabyMod
  8. hi this is robbery giv mony or di tmrw
  9. hard-core = play2win = players spend more time
  10. AviSpoofera

    Karaoke Event

    i think i missed it by 47 minutes who knew
  11. we were on 420 but i ruined it sorry m8s
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