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  1. Hi, so currently there are server plans allowing up to 500 players 24/7 which is completely pointless considering barely any servers get pass 50 players and that they stay online 24/7 anyhow due to players constantly joining and playing, so here is my idea: why don't you make it so that instead of having people to pay large summs of credits and money for the server that if a player has a donator rank like vip or whatever that once every week or months they get like 100 credits or something and that they get a small reduction like 5% of server plan prices that way more people will want to buy r
  2. Server categories would allow server owners to set a server type for their server, for example you could set it to mining, skyblock, prison, rp etc... so that when the server list menu is opened in-game you would be able to select a server type in which you would be able to find all servers marked with the selected type. This would be a great way for a player to find the ideal server to play on.
  3. Hi so I installed a plugin called worldsystem whicch allows users to make their own worlds, and in this plugin you can define a specific world template by uploading a world in the pugin folder, and my gamemode requires me to do such a thing, however due to the way the pannel is designed I cannot do that. So if anyone can help me it would be appreciated.
  4. Hi so I wanted to use a plugin called GoBrush (which allows you to do terraforming) but I was unable to use it due to the fact that it requires FAWE (Fast Asnychronise World Edit) and this plugin is no longer in the plugin list hereby making Gobrush completely useless, please fix.
  5. Hi so for some reason when I use a on inventory click event (I have all the required addons) nothing happens when I right click an item in the inventory and I get a few errors in the logs. How can I fix that? code: Error:
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