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  1. my server shut down out of no where saying it was compromised and when i came back it was all reset, i have put lots of love and months of my time into this server and i need to know if i can bring it back
  2. I am sentientchipbag, people usually call me chips, or chippy though lol. I run many servers and i am staff or a regular player on many more. I have made many friends through minehut servers and i hope to make more! you can usually find me on one of these servers. i hope to make some friends sentientss.minehut.gg DrakerMC.minehut.gg Dogeybosss.minehut.gg
  3. Join DrakerMC! We offer lots of gamemodes like Creative, Survival, Skyblock, and PVP with more to come! we have friendly staff that are available at almost all times, we are under a bit of construction after the new update and repeated griefing but we are here to help with any problems you may have and help you have the best experience on our server! Owner: DrakerMaker Posted By: sentientchipbag IP: drakermc.minehut.gg
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