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  1. thats the thing, i need something compatible with a skript eco
  2. because minehut is full of kids that dont know skript and "drop loop-value at location of block at victim" and "delete loop-value"
  3. or you could `open virtual chest inventory` if your using tuske guis
  4. on death: if victim is a player: if attacker is a player: add 1 to {kills.%attacker%} this works but i would like to point out what was wrong with your skript. first: players are not in on death event so use victim or attacker and second: you didnt indent right third: zuyn's skript didnt have a closing bracket.
  5. just use a plugin for anti cheat they are way better. and use the skript above lol
  6. I was wondering if there is a auction house plugin that is compatible with Skript. If there is not then is there a auction house Skript that I could use?
  7. The .zip files you can just unzip the file then upload the file(s) to minehut and skript files are not .jar files
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