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  1. You didn't respond to this question. I am confused as to which of the three "lock-ons" you believe are Aim Assist, which I believe is important information for us to be on the same page about. Therefore, due to your most current response, I am going to make an assumption that my flick onto Residents the second time is where you believe I used Aim Assist, or at the very least, where you believe my usage of Aim Assist is most suspicious. Again, my priority was my teammate, and so even if I was aware of Resident's approaching presence way ahead of the head snap, my ultimate goal was to ki
  2. My teammate was actually my top priority in my cognition. I am the type of Warzone player that does not mind getting killed if it means winning us the game, or even just putting a teammate with a better chance of winning the game in a better position. That is my stigma, and that is generally how I attempt to play the game. The only reason I aimed in Resident's direction seems to be out of pure coincidence; I aimed at a location where I predicted an enemy player would most likely show up to provide reinforcement, and Residents happened to be at that location. Or, perhaps I did in-fact hear Resi
  3. I have no idea how "FOV aim assist" works, so it is hard for me to make my case if that is specifically what you are accusing me of. Could you please explain to me how exactly FOV aim assist works, as I do believe it would help us get onto the same page. I would like to point out however: You say that I flicked in the exact direction of red team's spawn, but on Warzone (at least, during this time), only one of the "spawn houses" (not sure what else to call them) are used, as oppose to Stratus, which uses both. On Warzone, the spawn house is always the left-most one whilst f
  4. Mr. Sqyid, I would like to thank you for your speedy response to my ban appeal. You have no idea how much that means to me, as it would have tore me up inside to have to wait an entire month like one of my close friends had to do in order to finally get a response. With you handling the appeal, I feel reassured that the appeal process will be handled quickly and efficiently, and that I will have enough time to prepare for and participate in the tournament. With that said, I have a few comments in regards to the clips you have shown me. Clip #1: As you have stated, this clip is v
  5. Username: MewTwoKing What punishment did you receive: Permanent Ban (Aim Assist / Aim-Related Modifications) Was the punishment fair: No. Why should you be unpunished: Because I did not hack. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was actually not aware that I had been banned until today. Thus, I am not actually sure why I was even banned to begin with. I assume the staff have been collecting small pieces of evidence over a period of time, and have just now decided to initiate my ban, so I suppose that is what led to the punishment. Again, though, I am not a ha
  6. I searched through about 200 pages worth of your #server-chat message history from 2018-2019 and could not find a single instance of you using excessive caps other than saying "LOL." Well played. I do sincerely appreciate you addressing my main concerns. However, I do have to respectfully disagree with you. If using a mere 11 all-capped words split amongst 4 separate sentences (two of those being the letter "U," which is a whopping 1 character long, and "HIGH," which was placed in its own individual sentence that, similar to saying "LOL" in one sentence, would not alone warrant an
  7. Username: MewTwoKing What punishment did you receive: Mute (Excessive Caps). Was the punishment fair: Absolutely Not. Why should you be unpunished: Because I was not using excessive caps. What were the events that led to your punishment: Well, I was just interacting with the Warzone community as usual, when my pal Piinoy decides to make the most inefficient bridge I have ever seen in my life. Naturally I was appalled, because this inefficient bridge was negatively effecting affecting my team, and thus needed to be corrected. Therefore, I did the supposedly unspeakable act o
  8. Username: Floofsy Offense: Disrespect, Toxicity, Spam, Inappropriate Behavior, Religious Slander, Psychological Banter Evidence: 1. Link: https://discord.com/channels/333669866735271938/373286467906043905/800456412601909258 Rationale: Calling someone a creep is disrespectful. 2. Link: https://discord.com/channels/333669866735271938/373286467906043905/800426370604990504 Rationale: Referencing a "s**-term" on a server with minors is clearly inappropriate behavior. 3. Link: https://discord.com/channels/333669866735271938/373286467906043905/
  9. This is actually just reflex, not aimbot. It’s clear as day, and here’s why: If aimbot was being used, Residents would have locked onto the person in the video a lot sooner than when he actually did. The player in the video hit Residents first before he turned in that direction, meaning Residents turned his head in response to being attacked. Perhaps it can be argued that Residents originally had aimbot toggled off and was in the process of toggling it on while charging his bow to shoot the player at the other point, but upon deeper rationalization, this also can’t be t
  10. ign: BallisticMudkip I believe this account already has vip on Warzone and Minehut but I have written consent from the account owner that he is ok with receiving VIP+ on warzone and no Minehut rank as a substitution (I don't actually have written consent at the time of writing this but am able to obtain it with ease if necessary).
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