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  1. ign: BallisticMudkip I believe this account already has vip on Warzone and Minehut but I have written consent from the account owner that he is ok with receiving VIP+ on warzone and no Minehut rank as a substitution (I don't actually have written consent at the time of writing this but am able to obtain it with ease if necessary).
  2. There have been times where I join a server, and sometimes after staying for a while, get disconnected due to lag or some other reason. Whenever this happens, I usually forget the exact name of the server, so it becomes hard for me to rejoin. Sure I can go into my .minecraft logs and scroll through it until I find the "Sending you to [Server]" message, but this is really inconvenient to do and sometimes I won't even bother with it. So, I think it would be really nice to have some kind of button or command that sends you to whatever server you were last connected to. (I'm not sure if this
  3. I agree with this, though unless I am mistaken, I believe even if you unlist your server, people can still end up joining it via the random server button, which can still be a problem for "friend groups who want their server closed from the public". So perhaps in addition to having new servers unlisted by default, they should also be whitelisted by default. Other than that, +1 (Nice argumentative essay btw).
  4. Personally I agree that player slots and RAM should be something you pay for separately. Yea it makes sense to try and accommodate for how much RAM a certain amount of player slots is believed to require, but there are some servers that still end up using so much RAM to the point where it can't even function under maximum capacity. For my server personally, I've been paying for the 75 slot package to try and get my players the best possible quality available, but I can only really handle at most 30-35 players online at once before the server just becomes unplayable. Sure I can downgrad
  5. The "Join a Random Server" button should only try sending you to servers that are joinable (i.e. not whitelisted, not banned from, etc.). This would make it easier to find new servers, or to just join random servers when you're bored. Very good quality of life feature if you ask me.
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