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  1. This here, was this meant to link to a discord server?
  2. The discord, I was not able to access it
  3. Dolphor


    @Happy_Brother Why thank you sir
  4. Dolphor

    MineHut Status

    Are we able to get back in our servers yet? I have seen speculation of the problems being fixed, however I am not able to access my MineHut server. When I try to join my server, it still takes me to the MineHut lobby. I am excited to see these problems fixed!
  5. the inv code? If it is a public server of course
  6. Might it be good enough to launch our servers?
  7. I can't wait for it to be fixed. For some time using Minehut, I experienced no problems, and it was amazing. You can't really be mad that their servers are down, most of the time, the service they offer is free. We can only hope that the maintenance being done now will fix our problems.
  8. we have got to fix minehut crashes. every so often, the entirety of minehut and its servers go down

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