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  1. are you joke? the mods are already triggerfag about that.
  2. You will be banned today 😮

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    2. Gaminger


      Boi you recently got visited by like half of the staff, you had a swastika on the pfp and you did not get banned? lol

    3. Swa2


      no i did not get ban, they did take off the swastika though.

      i put the swastika back on my profile.

      i am restricted from posting on this account which means i cannot even make my own status update thing (it is really stupid)

    4. Gaminger


      Oh I see, fun stuff I guess.

      See you tonight Swa4

  3. Swa

    Your name makes you a legend

  4. I tried reporting Swa for grefing my christian minecraft server and i provided the appropriate evidence (I recorded Swa grefing it and upload it to youtube) Then the mods are like "Only post here if reporting a player". I was reporting a player. I am not happy with minehut mod for this. If you look at my report you know it is justifyed: https://forums.minehut.com/topic/8968-swa-needs-to-be-stopped >Picture Related to topic
  5. at least nothing of value was lost
  6. messages are the least of your problems
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