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  1. For some reason i can't actually use the skript, and when i do /skript reload (the name) it says "(name) is not in the skripts folder!" so i do /sk reload all, and then i try do /dupe or /toggle, but it says unknown command!
  2. I will pay you after you do it.
  3. Hello! I really want to make a good server but i dont know how to skript. Is there anyone who would like to skript with me, and if so what is your dicord name and tag, and what is your minecraft username?? Things I want skripted if possible: Every 15 seconds, you get a random item. If you kill a player, you get 5 points. If you get 20 points, you get VIP rank. 40 points equals MVP rank, and so on. You can get a special item in game, and if you right click it, you get a SECRET rank. Whenever you are low on health, it gives you a option to buy some gapples for a ce
  4. Can i have a skript where if you get a certian amounts of points, you get a rank, so if you got 20 points you would get VIP rank or 40 points for MVP rank.
  5. Once i restarted my server, and my one wouldnt come out of hibernation, so i waited around 3 days and it started again.
  6. Hiiiiiir

    Other mods

    I know this is quite a newbie question, but can you get mods that arent on the minehut page?
  7. Hiiiiiir

    Pugin request

    Can you make a pugin where it shows what rank you are in chat? It would be reaally helpful.
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