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  1. It broke the 4th of April, I have been using SKdragon for the last 6 months. Its a key addon to the server which is why i need it to be fixed. I basically can't do much without it. Going to another addon isn't an option as it would take days or weeks to redo all of the particles. The author told he is still looking into another issue, it could have something to do with spigot changing particle packets. So i'm just going to give it time. I'll tell you when it has been fixed.
  2. I contacted the authors and they said this; "Try upgrading your server, Class versions V1_5 or less is needed in order to use F_NEW frames" Whatever that means, lol. Also the logs say that Your current bukkit version seems to be incompatible with this library. Logs: https://pastebin.com/VDCaFCwh
  3. Yes, this needs to be fixed. My server uses SkDragon in like every skript. Admins please fix this, ty.
  4. RPGItems was still broken after the update, but this isnt because rpgitems was outdated. But because one of its dependencies has changed, This dependency is Nyaacore. For the recent RPGItems the dependency has changed Nyaacore to the Shadowed Version of nyaacore. The old nyaacore is no longer needed for rpgitems. If you dont believe me, check this out: https://github.com/NyaaCat/RPGItems-reloaded/wiki/Installation Shadowed Version download found here: https://ci.nyaacat.com/job/NyaaCore/ For the rest of its dependencies, its vault and languageutils. So make sure these are update
  5. Hello, i am working on a rpg server. But one of the mayor plugins i need isn't working! This plugin called RPGItems has been stuck in an older version for a few months now. Could you please update it and its dependencies? I cant do much without that plugin! Link to RPGItems: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rpgitems.17549/ Thank you!
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