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  1. I mean, it could get a little unbalanced but sure I guess, idk
  2. Hi I'm Ruukasu. vip btw That's it. Bye
  3. Commands: /emotes, /emotions, /emote, /emotemenu, /emotionmenu /emotionsmenu Features: A custom gui will appear, with 6 different options: Happy Emote (A smiley face sparkles above head) Sad Emote (Water trickles from head, like crying) Musical Emote (Music notes appear above head) Dizzy Emote (Small particles fly off head) Lovely Emote (Hearts appear above head and fade away) Exit Menu (Closes menu) Upon using an emote, a message in chat will say "[Emotions] <NAME> is feeling <EMOTE>" and then whatever particles that are paired to the emote will appear! (Most particles appear in custom patterns, e.g. the happy emote sparkles in the shape of a smiley face! Notice: If you wish to modify my little script, or use it as the base for another, or anything like to that, please give credit and link wherever you post or use it! You can contact me on my discord here: https://discord.gg/JKzuUZn emotions.sk
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