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  1. Ya try converting it to English?
  2. Great hint for step one: Think of a two digit numbering system.
  3. Step 1: Make a Seabear Circle.
  4. VIP Rank Giveaway Puzzle Some neat guy made a puzzle so I was like okay sure lets do this If you don't want to download things you're unsure about, don't participate, personally, you could honestly just use that one virus file tester website before you open it. Use the image provided, once you decode the message: AA BAA ABAA A ABA AAA AAB BABA BAB AAA Put that message on the end of "bit.ly/" Now, this isn't some complicated Megamind scheme, it's honestly just a few steps, and will probably take about 10 minutes to solve. If it was super complicated, I'd probably
  5. 5 credits every 10 ranks. Prestiging starts at rank 50. Rank 50 - 10 credits. Rank 60 - 15 credits. Rank 80 - 25 credits. Rank 100 - 50 credits. Rank 150 - 200 credits. The rank 100 being less would mean 65 credits total for prestiging at rank 100. or The other suggestion I made ( in the MC chat ) about 5 rankups - 1 credit like you added.
  6. So like, you ask a question, and then the question is asked.
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