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  1. I'm back again! Lots of confusion in this minehut stuff on my end, methinks. I have uploaded a few story maps to my server that involve command blocks that don't work properly. I have had to delete maps in the past for similar issues using the provided file manager Minehut has. The only issue now is that I have three world files that I cannot delete. I assume that they can't be deleted because the command blocks of the worlds are in use. In the past, I was able to delete the world after the server had been left alone and restarted. This is not the case for these worlds anymore;
  2. Unless you have a world/map installed under your server name, the /dl command will not work. It is looking for a file named "server name" when you type /dl world "servername". If you have not uploaded any worlds to your server, just type "/dl world world", which will make the game pull from your default world file.
  3. I'm trying to download one of several worlds on my server. It is a world that I uploaded, but has been edited by my friends and I. When I try to use the /dl world command, it takes a very long time and doesn't give me a download link. It says that it compresses the world, and that it tries to create a download link, but then in red text it says "Failed to upload world." When I tried to use the /dl world command on the default world, it didn't download the entire world at all; it only uploaded the achievements folder. I'm aware of the instability issues minehut has had lately wit
  4. I definitely made sure to stay away from the reset world button, so I'm gonna have to agree on the technical difficulties part. Boo :c and we were in such a good spot. Hopefully it doesn't end up erasing the next world once minehut finishes this server move.
  5. So I created an (unlisted) server yesterday to play with my friends. I noticed there was a button that said "Save World" in the World Settings tab, and I did end up clicking it a lot. I did turn off the world once we were done playing with the "Stop" button on the main area. When I started it up today, there was a new spawn point and the world wasn't the same. I had definitely set the spawn point with a bed, both of us did. But it was a new world. Did my server reset because I turned it off, or because of minehut moving servers? I don't understand.
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