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  1. [SELLING] > skripts: $0.10 / 50 lines for basic - medium ones, $0.25 / 60 lines for hard ones. > discord server setups: $1-3 depending on the difficulty > minehut server setups: dm me > discord bot hosting: dm me > essentialsx locale configuration: $1 > luckperms: $1-3 shoot me a dm @Console.WriteLine("Gabe");#4108
  2. im vibing hbu? add me on discord? officialronskiYT#4108
  3. officialRonSki


    idk u shoulld tell ppl to smell ur feet more
  4. hi so i need skripters for my secondary server on minehut called Elite Farms. your pay is guaranteed but at first I will not pay you, if you do really good I will pay you before we even release
  5. dm me discord officialronskiYT#4108
  6. Hello! You might know me as I have played on plenty of minehut servers and I finally decided to officially introduce myself. My name's Gabriel, Gabe for short. I've been running a External Server for quite a long time and It's been a lost at this point, I have invested over $1K into and got $1.3K back over the course of 11 months and it's just not cutting it anymore. So I'm gonna move to minehut. I have a current project of a farming server you can join the discord here if you wanna be notified at release. And yeah, that's it I suppose? I'm new to skripting / java coding. I also need help skri
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