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  1. hello there brothers I got another script release cause I see some people in hubs want this lol. Simple scoreboard, I already made a premade scoreboard but you can edit it as much as you want. Here ya go fellas \o/ scoreboard.sk
  2. Deciding to make skripts for people. Anyone want something made for them?

  3. Eh, few days. It wasnt as hard as it seems to be honest and it was really fun making it!
  4. This is one I've been wondering if I should release or not. I decided to give it a go so here it is. Dependencies: Skript, SkQuery, skRayFall DISCLAIMER: Before using ANY commands the core provides, do "/setserverprefix (Server Name)" Example: "/setserverprefix &c&lGameBreakers" Includes: - Built-in Punishment System (if you choose to use it) - Gamemode Commands and Command logs - Working StaffChat - Fake Plugins List (for nonadmins) - /massay (and /f, /14, I was a mega-fan of skeppy back then lol) - Unique Join Messages and Teleports
  5. That's true. LuckPerms has to much commands its confusing, lol.
  6. Mhm! Some people still use groupmanager so I decided to include a version for them :).
  7. Hey! I decided to code a setrank skript for the people in need of it. No need to credit me if you use it in your server PermissionsEx: setrank.sk LuckPerms: setrank.sk GroupManager (for the og's out there): setrank.sk Enjoy!
  8. Scotty what is your IGN? (if you are still banned.) I am able to unban you from the server.
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