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  1. A thought just came to my mind... "what would a Minehut any% speed run look like?" So I thought about it and came up with a rule set: - Starts when create server button is pressed - Free servers only - Must code a unique joins skript - Must code a gen skript - Must build a void island map - Must hire 3 players for staff (either perms or OP no just cosmetic tags) - Then get 100 unique player joins (no blotting or alting) - No kicking players - No breaking any lobby rules (click bait is allowed) - Ends when the 100th unique player joins If someone does this they are a legend lol
  2. There are like 100s of those infact if you sit in the lobby I'm sure someone will spam about one. You also could just make one yourself its as easy as going to the panel and hitting the create button.
  3. Looks like this appeal was missed I apologize for that. Please appeal again with the proper format below you may do so right away sense it has been 2 weeks. Username: What punishment did you receive: Was the punishment fair: Why should you be unpunished: What were the events that led to your punishment: Additional comments:
  4. Hello your ban was in 2019 this is enough time severed to be given a second chance. Your history does show a lot of mutes and warns as well so try to behave. Accepted
  5. Just name it something else? It's not really a big deal. And make sure its not any other letter combos because I have a server named GayFurryRP and it doesn't care about that.
  6. Alright after further review and discussion we have decided to accept your appeal. I will have Benny clear the alts from your IP I do recommend to not use the free VPN again. All IPs on Minehut masked anyways if you didn't know.
  7. Dude /whitelist on and on the panel there is an unlisted mode just tell them that ._.
  8. Your brother isn't banned the accounts in red are the banned accounts. Do you know the accounts TildaAndrea and jagarzaplaysmc?
  9. Hello, your IP matches multiple banned accounts. The likelihood of a random player IP matching your specific chosen VPN IP address is very slim. The bans seemed to have happened in 2019 and have had connection to your account sense then. You may attempt to explain further if you have evidence.
  10. I'm going to leave this appeal open till the 6th (sense 4th of July) if there is no further evidence by then I will close it.
  11. Warzone doesn't exactly do Temp bans so if you appeal again in 2 months we can look into an unban.
  12. Wait so your 11 year old little brother who plays switch version and isn't knowledgeable at minecraft is able to work a hacked client? I'm not sure I buy that entirely. Regardless your account is your responsibility including what others do on it. As per regulation the minimum time that must be severed for a client modification ban is 2 months. I am sorry if the story is indeed true but I must deny the appeal. You may appeal again in 2-3 months and we will reassess the situation and consider an unban. I will leave the thread open for 24 hours if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. I'll put it this way Inappropriate behavior is a sev 2 mute meaning you are not entitled to a verbal warn. Sev 2 also scales twice as fast as other mutes starting with 5 or 6 the idea behind this is you should know what you are doing/talking about is in violation of the MH rules. idk what you said and with new Jrs still getting their feet wet I can't judge this specific case. If you were the staff trust me the amount of punishments typed is astronomical. If you DM a mod and tell them the general time they can look up what you said its all logged.
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