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  1. Dang I guess SLG is going to jail
  2. Minehut is a network why would we ever want networks inside of the network.
  3. Noah

    baguette furry

  4. As Minehut said please use the correct section to appeal. Make sure your screenshot is in the Minehut lobby and isn't cropped or it will be denied. Locked.
  5. No one likes me so sad
  6. I'm sorry about this but I really wasn't running a hacked client, I have no need for it, I only use vanilla pvp, its your server so its your rules but I hope you can unban me in the future because I really wasn't hacking

  7. Hello, after reviewing footage it's pretty clear you were using kill aura and reach. We will not be unbanning you. Evidence: Appeal denied. You may appeal again in 2 months.
  8. Your memory is an interesting topic on it's own... here let me break your mind even further! Try this: Think of a significant memory to you before looking my question. Think long and hard trying to remember as much detail as you can! Highlight to see question and response: Was your memory in 1st or 3rd person? If it was in 3rd person then I'm sorry but the memory has been altered to an unrecognizable state many details have been changed from what really happened. If it's in 1st person then congrats the memory might still have some tampering with but is much stronger and reliable than one
  9. Eve

    List of Ranks

    Dang you right.
  10. Eve


    Apps are currently still open! You might have to wait a bit to be considered for a wave as we like to look at a large pool of applicants before forming one.
  11. Eve

    List of Ranks

    Don't forget [TOP VOTER] oh and JR DEV, then there was one rank called [NOOB]
  12. If I am being honest I really don't know at this point. I think I just enjoy the story. By that I mean watching the evolution of the community, builds, drama. If I had to pack it all up into a nice neat little box I would label it "shenanigans"
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