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  1. Yeah, maybe Skript Addons could be bundled together with Skript too
  2. Currently, free servers are limited to 12 plugins. This change in itself is very controversial in the community right now. Personally, I believe the change would be much more welcomed if Skript addons were not counted. To Skript, you rely on a lot of addons, and limiting this is forcing players to limit what they can do. Personally I understand where Minehut is coming from. I don't agree with this, I would rather not be limited in plugins, but that's not my choice. However, Skript addons need to be an exception, there's no way server creation can continue to thrive without them.
  3. Yeah i guess I understand what they mean, but its still annoying for players
  4. I think the plugin limitations would definitely be better if they didnt effect skript addons
  5. that doesnt really make sense. for whitelisted servers, you usually join through /join <server name>, or the ip, not using the server list. It makes it much harder for players looking for minehut servers to play on too
  6. bump, i think we definitely need to get some of these changes
  7. In the past few years, I've seen minehut servers get reset countless times. Due to this, I've begun backing up my servers manually, by downloading the world. Sadly, there is no easy way to backup the plugin config/save files. This means I'm required to manually go in each file, and copy and paste all of the files contents onto a new file i make on my computer. This is extraordinarily time consuming, especially for plugins such as essentials, with their /warp command, that stores every warp in a separate file. It however, must be done, for some added security to servers. It's a good thing
  8. Currently whitelisted servers show up on the server list, which is annoying if you are trying to look through for a fun server to play on. But thats not all, when you go to join a random server, whitelisted servers will still get in the way. A simple fix is to automatically hide a server if whitelists are on. Cluttering your server list like this isn't helping anybody, it's only getting in players ways.
  9. Im pretty sure they already have it so that it scales up with player slot purchases, but it needs to start higher, 1 GB is outrageously low
  10. Minehut used to have compatibility do bedrock players could join java servers and vice versa, but sadly this went down in 1.13. It would be nice if it came back, +1
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