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  1. 100% @dragonet64. 100%.
  2. Xur

    Help Me!

    1. There is nothing Minehut can do to give you the account details. Write down your account information next time. We can't help you with stuff not related to Minecraft either (VPN, gmail accounts, etc.) 2. You cannot install your own plugins onto Minehut, you can only use what Minehut has provided.
  3. Xur


    You are most likely playing on a cracked account. Minehut is only for premium users.
  4. Type of joke as in hilarious, or type of joke as in dumb?
  5. Rename it to Minehut Awards.
  6. Why'd you make 2 (possibly even more?) posts about this? Anyway, they used to support MCPE, but their full-time software dev that worked on it left the company so they couldn't maintain it anymore. There's a chance it may come back, but IDK for sure.
  7. Separating all of the lobbies into several chats would be a pain for the staff team to handle. At the time, they're still a small team compared to 10k+ daily (thank you very much, coronavirus) and I don't think this will help. I know we're all annoyed by the amount of advertisements, but right now one connected chat is the only good way for the staff to be able to watch over everyone and handle rule-breakers accordingly. I agree that having multiple chats (maybe even combining 3-4 lobbies into one chat would be cool) would be much more pleasant, but like I said, it's nice for us and bad f
  8. Xur

    The Dream

  9. Xur

    The Dream

    Here's my entry for the Creative Writing Contest! The void wrapped around the goose, shrouding him in darkness. There was nothing to see except for below his feet and the blue sparks flickering ahead. "Honk?" The goose asked out of fear, but mostly curiosity. "Honk, hooonk..." The goose kept honking, awaiting an answer, but to no avail. The goose tip-toed to the blue sparks, but the sparks floated further away with each step. Then, they disappeared. A figure bloomed in its place. Its shroud covered its face and rendered it difficult to see. "Why have you come here, w
  10. Xur

    Server download

    The command's broken. I searched up for a world downloader mod, and this is the first result: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/2520465-world-downloader-mod-create-backups-of-your-builds Lmk if it actually does help! It might be useful for helping others out as well.
  11. Finally, the most active player (of all time, pretty much) is now staff. Gg, @PandaChan!
  12. I believe retraining them would be a great first step as well as reconsidering their rules. Right now, swearing is the only important "I must deal with this or else I die" rule while there are still several other toxic components like you've mentioned being sidelined. It feels like they're only going after the people who like to express themselves (in this case, swearing [without the intent to harm]) and ignoring the real problem players. It does feel like a bandaid on a shotgun wound.
  13. They can't seem to provide any better reasons than those load of bs with being 'kid-friendly.' The Boosters thing is bothersome (although some of us were excited, but it's unfair and completely hypocritical.) I guess if we pay, we get to swear. -.- The only thing that seems to be the root for all this is that they want it to be identical to ingame, which is the worst place infested with crap children who can't control themselves. If only they'd looked at the logic that Discord is only for 13+ and how it's not their job to parent them. (Not part of the response to Ceppy > ) Their priori
  14. Contacting Trent is a waste because he'll only disagree with one reason: bring ingame rules to Discord.
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