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  1. These 2 are my top favorites of mine =D
  2. You know that appealing exists, don't you?
  3. I'd buy myself a nice home with an awesome art studio and a car. Maybe start my own video games company or an art class business. I'd also donate some to various charities, especially for the LGBT+. =D
  4. Oh lord, more people I don’t even know. Only congrats to C02 and Jackson though!
  5. If they're 5 letters and Admins... shouldn't we consider Luuke? What if Luuke was the failed prototype (hence not having such rank anymore) and then Benny came along. But Benny failed too, so Molly came next?
  6. Can't you tell for yourself?? It's very obvious why those names aren't allowed.
  7. You don't speak for everyone though. I didn't even bother reading all that anyway. lol
  8. How much worse can your grammar be... god.
  9. I find @Motionq the best of all of them, besides @_Rascal and @_Gingey_. uwu If I could, I'd choose myself. Like everyone else would. Obviously.
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