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    new update

    New update is pretty trash, i cant even play my servers because the plugin limit! #NoPluginLimit
  2. my tempban is 10 decades and i cant wait that long reduce my ban to 25 days cus thats how much days i have to wait till i can change my name thx username : famass
  3. S_t_a_i_n


    you cannot ask for mods to join ur server, just hope to have a very good server
  4. S_t_a_i_n


    i have been staring at this for an hour now help
  5. If you're not opped, do /op (you're username) in console, if you want, install "Essentials". if u did, Restart the server and do /gmc or if you didnt, do /gamemode creative.
  6. Download Permissions EX then do /pex group default add essentials.kit (Install vault plugin too.) Idk how to use LP.
  7. So, if you're banned, can you be aloud to Message you're friends and only join YOU'RE servers? You cant go to hub, advertise, etc?
  8. So, i want a skript that gives an item every 15 seconds or so, can anybody do that for me please? Thank you. - WinterFedora
  9. Izz do you know how to make a /dupe command? If you do please help!

    1. _iz_


      	perm: dupe.use
      	perm-msg: &4You do not have access to this command.
      command /dupe:
      	#Remove the '#' if you want to restrict access to this command.
      	#permission: {@perm}
      	#permission-message: {@perm-msg}
      		if player's tool is air:
      			message "&cYou cannot duplicate nothing!"
      			set {_item} to player's tool
      			give player {_item}


  10. Oh a person impersonating trent!
  11. The servers are back, but alot of spam.
  12. So all the servers went down, we dont know what happend. We need an explanation, Minehut.
  13. like to what? give me some, like everyone can use command.
  14. My permission.node is set to all. Should i change it?
  15. How do i give a rank from pex a custom command perm? please help i have no clue at all
  16. Lmao, its okay!
  17. So it always fails, i never win, can you fix this please?
  18. i want a mod to join my server or people to join my server Almost no one joins my server.. /join fedorapvp
  19. S_t_a_i_n


    But your icon looks cursed,
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