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  1. This is my time to shine, nobody will tell me different.
  2. Hi Minehutters! I'm not sure if anybody really needed to know this but I think my brain is slowly deteriorating. Like seriously. On Sunday, I purchased credits. However, what I didn't know was I spent the money on the wrong Minehut account. I didn't even realise before buying VIP that I had indeed spent $18 AUD on my old Minehut account. So now I'm creating a KitPvP server to make sure those credits don't go to waste. Now if I had never spent those $18 AUD then I wouldn't need to create a KitPvP server because I wouldn't be wasting any credits. But now I am. And I am ashamed that I was this stupid. Today, I was also very stupid. The world in my KitPvP for some reason or another corrupted, and crashed anybody's game if they dared join the server. But I didn't know that. Of course I didn't. So, I went on the Discord and asked for help and nobody knew why this was happening, which is fair, considering I described the issue very vaguely. I then went on to delete my Minecraft and reinstall it. And to my surprise, I still crashed after I joined my server. My friend Adam then told me the world was probably corrupted and I should probably reinstall it. And so I did. And I didn't crash anymore. What makes me mad about this is that my previous preferences are now gone because I didn't know that my world was corrupted. So, Minehutters, now you know how incredibly stupid I am. Please join my server when it comes out, I lost my minecraft settings and $18 for this. Thanks for reading.
  3. __Henry__123

    Changing email

    Are trying to change the actual email of one account or change from one account to another?
  4. Henry's Server of the Week - Week #1 AIDUNGEON Welcome to my new server of the week series! Please note that all servers listed in this series is my opinion, and I am fine with you having your own opinion. The first winner of 'Henry's Server of the Week' is AIDungeon. WHAT IS AIDUNGEON? AIDungeon is a, but not limited to, singleplayer RPG-style game that sees players explore dungeons and loot them for money and emeralds. This ingame currency can be used to upgrade weapons and armor, and the dungeons are generated in a way that only one player can occupy each dungeon. You can also team up with your friends, as AIDungeon has a well-made party system. After you finish killing all of the enemies in a dungeon, you can move on to the next dungeon into harder enemies, etc. This is similar to the Call of Duty Zombies' waves system in the way that if you die, you're back on wave 1, in this case, dungeon level 1. This irrepetitive grinding element got me addicted, and I'm sure that most other players would get hooked onto the game as well. The server is very well skripted, the builds are excellent, the community is very welcoming (except for a few bad apples) and the idea is not often seen on Minehut. This gives AIDungeon a 9.5/10. The only thing that prevents the server from being a 10 is the lag spikes that occur when transitioning from one dungeon to another which gets quite irritating after a while, however this lag is expected considering how well-made the server is. THIS WEEK'S HONOURABLE MENTIONS PlexPvP - Very well made server, but only released yesterday at the time of writing, so technically can't be this 'week's best server'. Might make an appearance next week depending on how things go. FEEDBACK And that's the end of this week's server of the week post! If you have any feedback as to how these posts can be better, direct message me on Discord at Fr3ddy J0N3S#1282, or leave a reply under this post. Thanks for reading. Join AIDungeon at AIDungeon.minehut.gg or do /join aidungeon in the Minehut lobby
  5. If you intend to join your own server and you are instead directed to the Minehut lobby, that means your server either doesn't exist, or it's not open. To open it, go to your Minehut panel and press Start or do /join <servername> in the lobby. Hope I helped! Have a nice day.
  6. I don't think your suggestion will never come to Minehut, despite how good of a feature it would be. If I am not mistaken, Minehut is a network that connects servers together, so it would be possible to access information that you shouldn't be able to access with custom plugins. If there is a certain plugin that you would like added to Minehut, you should suggest it here. Alternatively, you can create your own 'plugins' using the Skript plugin. Skript is very easy to learn and is a very powerful tool. I think what I have suggested above should be correct, as I am no expert. I have answered this thread to the best of my ability and if you have any other questions about the topic, it is probably most appropriate you contact a staff member, considering they are more familiar to Minehut than I am.
  7. __Henry__123

    1.16.1 glitch

    To answer question 1: You should make an attempt to leave the old nether and then tell your friend to delete the old nether's world if it hasn't already been deleted. If there is only one nether world in the server, then I believe all new chunks are registered as 1.16 chunks. If there are two nether worlds, then you should delete the old one and restart the server. This can be done using either the /delete command ingame or using the file editor in the Minehut panel. To answer question 2: The Minehut panel has a spawn protection setting under the Settings tab. If you are too close to spawn then you will be unable to modify the spawn protection region. This should solve both your problems, but I'm not 100% sure as I am no expert and the way you have describe your problems is very vague. Have a nice day
  8. __Henry__123


    Thanks bro, you dropped this
  9. It's been a pretty good Sunday, woke up early and stayed in bed until 11PM watching Youtube. How's your day been so far?
  10. __Henry__123

    I cant vote

    How many Minehut accounts do you currently own?
  11. __Henry__123

    Changing Versions

    If you're referring to ProtocolSupport, then I believe they've removed that from the Plugins page temporarily due to the 1.16 update. Alternatives are ViaVersion, ViaBackwards and ViaRewind. With all 3 of these plugins, players should be able to join on older versions, but I'm not quite sure if they currently work. It is worth a try though.
  12. __Henry__123

    I cant vote

    If your Minecraft account is already linked to a Minehut account, then go to your account settings and press 'unlink' under the Link Account section. You should be then able to to link your Minecraft account to your current Minehut account.
  13. I'd love to see a Battle Royale in Minehut, you don't see much of them here and when you do they're not very well made.
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