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  1. Please just stick to Java, thanks
  2. Excuse us, "Slicko Mode" is something he said when we finished fishbros. <><
  3. Looks really good! My only complaint is I don't have access to it
  4. Except the three private rolls that Toilethut prefers to keep in their janitorial closet
  5. T'was a friend of mine, when we originally came up with the Toilethut name. He actually made the first one, and then I edited it to create that second one since the actual Minehut discord had a Minehut emoji styled that way too, and then I uploaded both emojis to my discord server and got more and more people involved with the Toilethut name. And here we are today.
  6. Cya, "ForestHuntes"
  7. Never actually seen that image before. Back when the new panel was first introduced I actually made Toilethut versions of every single page
  8. It is true. You can customize your toilet with as many unique rolls of toilet paper (plugins) as you'd like, so long as the supermarket you buy them from permits them (the minehut panel)
  9. "But I like Default better..."
  10. Hmph, people who don't appreciate dark mode getting a preview of it
  11. Very satisfying to see you make light of the Toilethut joke here. Have a Toilethut with integrated flush support as your prize!
  12. It looked pretty stable in the screenshot he'd sent
  13. SlickNicky10

    Dark Mode

    Trent's showed a teaser of dark mode for these forums on Discord a few days ago, anyone have any idea of how to actually turn it on? This light theme is making my eyes bleed horribly.
  14. You just want an excuse to not participate in them and get post leaderboard bumps anyway ahah
  15. Good point. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt but I guess it just wasn't fitting in this context haha. Also, love that you're in on the Toilethut meme.
  16. Overdone, and the production quality of most of them is frankly pretty poor. You can just tell, from the builds and amount of bugs that exist in them, that it's likely their first Minehut server.
  17. Presumably for someone to post a server and people review it? Seems like a pointless addition though, as people can just reply to a thread in the servers category already.
  18. Yes it was. Trent removed it from the Minehut fork of SkQuery.
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