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  1. @RichieNy @CyberRyan Event details Marry Easter! Go on to find some eggs and quick! 1st Place: Rank Upgrade 2nd Place: Credits 3rd Place: A High-Five! Hosted by @CyberRyan Just wondering...
  2. Slimefun Lucky Blocks broken after restart (stopping and then starting server). I have two servers and in both: Luckyblocks works after installing and running the server, after restarting the server it breaks and become red in the plugin list. To fix the issue I have to uninstall CS-CoreLib, Slimefun, and Slimefun Lucky blocks from the plugin menu. Restart server. Install all of them again. Then restart again. No configs were changed.
  3. The addon "Skygrid" for the BentoBox plugin is not installing correctly as the jar is being installed in the plugins folder. The jar is supposed to be installed into the folder /plugins/BentoBox/addons just like the other addons for BentoBox. Please fix, thanks.
  4. @Hexcede I would not care if the advertisement appeared when you pressed the 'start' button on the home page of the panel to make the server start. I just don't like that I cannot instantly edit the various settings, options and plugins during hibernation. The server has to do the whole process of starting up until I can edit anything, and at this point the server is running and then I have to restart the server for my changes to take effect. It is just frustrating! I have the minehut tab muted so the advertisement does not bother me.
  5. I would like access to the panel while the server is in hibernation. I would like home, server appearance, world settings, server properties, plugins, file manager, danger zone. It would be like how the home page is in the panel right now except when you press the start button, that is when your server goes out of hibernation and does the loading. Thank you.
  6. When the server is stopped and then I press start, the server can go into automatic hibernation due to player inactivity during the 'starting...' phase. It is pointless as I am just gonna have to wait a long **# time and inevitably start it again. Also this can break things as the server is starting and loading important files because it goes straight from starting to stopping to hibernating. This is not good please fix thank you.
  7. I NEED this for my server. People are spawning in various op, 'abuse kit', super-grief, laggy, and crash items into the world through the use of the creative saved toolbar menu. This plugin will stop that from occurring. Maybe with this plugin we will see more creative servers as they are not going to be taken down by some random person. CreativeItemControl URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/creativeitemcontrol-with-saved-toolbar-support-for-1-12-and-above.30778/ It mainly configures which sub-menu the player has access to through permission nodes. If anyone reading this kn
  8. Plugin adds useful flags for the Worldguard plugin. Worldguard URL: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldguard Worldguard Extra Flags URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/worldguard-extra-flags.4823/ There is demand for the plugin with multiple requests over 6 months ago. Please try looking into it again @BennyDoesStuff. Previous requests: I just want to allow non-ops access to worldedit without them destroying spawn and a flag in extra flags involves worldedit but it is not in the main plugin. I tried FAWE plugin but it did not work for non-ops and it is a bit con
  9. @Koroonotchii Tried Dropbox and it works! Thanks.
  10. Hello, I just would like to know how to upload a world (.zip file) that is greater than 100MB but less than 500MB. I have uploaded worlds that are smaller (~5MB), through the panel as well as the method with the /ul command with file.io. I keep seeing on the forums that the max is 500MB, but I still don't know how I am supposed to upload the world since file.io has a max of 100MB and the panel has a max of 10MB? In the panel I get: "Error uploading file! undefined" so that is when I found out there was a max in the panel. Then I tried uploading it on file.io - It gave me: "
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