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  1. Not sure... T h a t ' s H o w M i n e h u t W o r k s !
  2. Hello - The plugin is good, however you can code your own with skript (as most people in the community have done). and others. If a staff replies and answers, you may have the plugin added.
  3. C4llumlousTV


    Hello, You can use Essentials to do this - - Install Essentials - Restart your server - type /enchant [enchantment] [level]
  4. Maybe just add something like "this server can only run on **blah blah blah** version, as this plugin is not on 1.15.1. So the ViaRewind plugin is needed." Also don't necropost. Someone lock this. (Thanks)
  5. C4llumlousTV


    i exist to be bannished from servers
  6. That's the skin that it was. Check NameMC Thanks Jackson!
  7. CALLUMLOUSTV'S MINEHUT REWIND 2019 MH STAFF SCREENSHOTS FUNNIEST SCREENSHOTS ON MINEHUT Oh. Well, cya "Next year". (Or decade ;]) (they stole my... my hair...)
  8. idk anymore...

  9. Probably never, couldn't find a 1.15.1 update online and isn't supported anymore. Sorry bro.
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