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  1. Hey all, how yall doing? I'll get straight to it. So I like to occasionally play adventure maps with my friends, sometimes for YouTube videos, however, I have a slight issue with such things. I'm aware that the servers are always the latest version, and that there is a pluggin's to allow older versions to join, however, I want to know if there is a way to change the behaviors of command blocks that they function pre 1.13, preferably 1.11 at this time as I have a specific map in mind. I have previously attempted to run a 1.12 map, with all of us using 1.12 clients, but that failed las
  2. Heres a strange one for y'all. So my mate used to run a server at FreeMC but after seeing how much better my MineHut was, he decided to make the switch. However, whenever he uploads his world from the old server, the entire map resets. We decided to test it on mine and everything loaded up as we left it. So.....whats going on and is there a fix? I really don't want to host his world because my servers already do important things for me that I can't compromise
  3. MCWDD

    Changing worlds when dying

    No, its not. I've looked through those options but can't find one that will change the default world. Could you please tell me what the setting is called?
  4. Hi all! Recently I was testing my new mini-game with a mate, so I uploaded the world to my server and teleported me and him in. The game has players dying a bit but every time they die, It sends them back to the main world instead of the mini-game world. Is there a way to change this as I don't wanna make all my friends OP and I'm planning a video showcasing the mini-game, but cant do that effectively if we are constantly warped out. Thanks in advance
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