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  1. if you re playing private ... just set /whitelist and add at you friends .. after do /whitelist ON and NOBODY will enter to grief . also can install core World Guar or redProtect and make a region. or also send you home out of spawn .very very FAR , and they wont grief again. or something Pro without plugins . use command block and in the spawn do /execute @a[x=0,y=52,z=0,distance=..32] run gamemode @a[x=0,y=52,z=0,distance=..32] adventure and put it in iterative + ever active (also you can place a redstone block in it ) and they wont break anything . Or just block the spawn .
  2. Sorry for the delay, I was very inactive. for exams and practices. welp if you still have the problem of that plugin. you can find me on the server as 3XT178T0 msg me if you have any problem or other besides that.
  3. that plugin is easy in chests first link the chest .. go into the chest. isn't necesary spend a lot of time I made once a easter Event .. only linked the chest with any nambe "Egg1" and the item than Im hold put the %5,5 a example ...
  4. Hi, Im 3XT1340 now .. Man I have the same problem ... I tried so many times .. in my own server but only I found a Solution Assistant: Install the plugin PhatLoots (Where you places you things in the chest, and modify the loot chance with his lore and others, [Also works in mobs] oh but there is a problem, when you want to Link the chest you must be in Spectator Mode and go into the chest.
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