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  1. ReMask0


    i need help making a backpack. the only backpacks i know how to make are ones that reset when the server stops, and ones that u cant put items in any help would be appreciated (use TuSKe or vanilla guis ty)
  2. ReMask0


    oh just realized my friend asked this on june 11 LOL - This was OMGPandaYT cuz im lazy to switch account
  3. imagine using CYOM teh forceop plugin -OMGPandaYT on friends account ;D
  4. whats the point of an advanced teleport lol, you can use essentials, or skript (recommended) -OMGPandaYT on my friends account
  5. ReMask0


    get skript mirror addon its really good for developers
  6. ReMask0


    This skript addon might to help a lot . to detect on events added by other plugins on minecraft .
  7. my server isn'r starting, (it keeps unzipping and downloading but never started) and so the last option is reset all.. but I want to save my world downloading in console.
  8. ReMask0

    Error - In Spigot?

    When I try to start the server. it instantly stop .. After I tried to repair Files . but still no working After Tried Removing Plugins and still no working I checked at least in logs and it show: A fatal Error...
  9. rip you got muted for 5 weeks... idk whats worse tho. 2 week ban or 5 week mute (ban was forever tho L)

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    2. ReMask0


      yeah . welp Im going to mineplex.

      also .. about why this account was banned from hypixel is because my brother used this account . and then Im sure did something bad to get ban .. So i can't enter now.

    3. OMGPandaYT2


      ik u told me that like 1-2 years ago

    4. OMGPandaYT2


      you should try another appeal and pretend taht you were hacking and your sorry that might get u unbanned

  10. boooo . I out of this server -_- Bye Minehut. I wont remember this part the plugins doesnt matter with skript you can solve the basic ... but delete the skripts , configuration and all the world and progress, of month . Officialy I gonna leave . they should delete the oldest unused servers . no the actives servers. if they want to free memory
  11. if you re playing private ... just set /whitelist and add at you friends .. after do /whitelist ON and NOBODY will enter to grief . also can install core World Guar or redProtect and make a region. or also send you home out of spawn .very very FAR , and they wont grief again. or something Pro without plugins . use command block and in the spawn do /execute @a[x=0,y=52,z=0,distance=..32] run gamemode @a[x=0,y=52,z=0,distance=..32] adventure and put it in iterative + ever active (also you can place a redstone block in it ) and they wont break anything
  12. Sorry for the delay, I was very inactive. for exams and practices. welp if you still have the problem of that plugin. you can find me on the server as 3XT178T0 msg me if you have any problem or other besides that.
  13. that plugin is easy in chests first link the chest .. go into the chest. isn't necesary spend a lot of time I made once a easter Event .. only linked the chest with any nambe "Egg1" and the item than Im hold put the %5,5 a example ...
  14. Hi, Im 3XT1340 now .. Man I have the same problem ... I tried so many times .. in my own server but only I found a Solution Assistant: Install the plugin PhatLoots (Where you places you things in the chest, and modify the loot chance with his lore and others, [Also works in mobs] oh but there is a problem, when you want to Link the chest you must be in Spectator Mode and go into the chest.
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