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  1. It seems that either a plugin is interfering with the command or permission, or it's been blocked with a skript What plugins do you have installed? (check on the dashboard or on discord), or alternatively /bukkit:plugins
  2. Perhaps you're just in a different timezone to the one set in the config? Tab Reborn's time placeholder is native to the region the server is being hosted in, however you can still offset it in the config. Look for the option something along the lines of time offset and alter it with +number or -number to get it with your own timezone. Assuming you don't know how to get to the config: - Open file manager on the panel - Go to plugins - Click on Tab Reborn - Click on config.yml Please note that these may or may not be the exact steps as I don't have any time to test this. Sou
  3. Looks good to me. Source: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skacket
  4. Hi! Please remember to follow the correct procedure by creating a post in the suggestion section next time. In regards to the plugin, it is currently outdated (doesn't support minecraft 1.16.3), with its most recent version being 1.16.
  5. Moved this to the help section. Please remember to post in the correct section next time! In regards to your issue, what kind of things are you changing in the skellet config? And to answer your question, you can use /skellet reload to reload it from in game.
  6. I assume the issue is you are using a plugin which allows support for a feature from a version previous to 1.16, this could be anything like an old combat mod, via version or protocol support. (though, in this case I doubt it is via version or protocol support). If you have identified which plugin is causing it, the only solution is to remove the plugin (or check the config to see if you can enable newer items). If your server relies on a plugin like that, check if there's any similar plugins that get the job done and allow newer items. Also, in the future please remember to post in the
  7. Nichxlxs

    I need some help...\

    Just for future reference, minehut masks the ips of all users on the network (for privacy and security reasons), so trying to ban or unban your actual IP won't work. But with that said, your masked ip is the same over the whole network so if you go on a different minehut server it remains the same. The correct way to solve this issue which has already been pointed out is to manually remove the entry from the json file.
  8. Locked! Please don't necropost! This post was created over a year ago!
  9. What method are you currently using to set plots as your default world? Assuming you followed the following tutorial, all you need to do is change the default level name on the panel, and it sets it as the default world. Some resources that can help:
  10. Locked. Please don't necropost!
  11. Are you uploading a zip folder or the files individually? Also, have you tested the world in single player? If you haven't already, try following this tutorial (click me).
  12. I'm not too sure if it's possible to create a world with just the region files since I'm not too experienced in this, however if you can create a single player world then replace the region files in your saves folder with the downloaded files and it works in single player, you can zip it and upload it to minehut. You should probably start there if you're still looking to upload it.
  13. Hey! Sorry to hear about your problem. It sounds like either the person has access to your console or one of the opped players on your server has opped him and he has gone and opped alternate accounts. There is no way that the user can op themselves without the console, so you might want to change your password on your panel if you feel like it has been breached. Aside from that, you should also be careful with who you op, as once you op them they can op their other accounts and come back later after you have deopped them. In regards to the user, if you have any evidence of them griefing, p
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