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  1. They are doing maintenance right now.
  2. Right?? I'm losing my mind over here. At first i was stuck on the blue loading screen with the diamond spinning, i'd constantly refresh then it would let me access it, i'd start it but it wouldn't work. So i joined the regular server and everyone else was having the same issue but now i can't access it at all and no one else online seems to be having issues anymore, besides a few that is.
  3. I know MineHut has been having some technical issues today but people have said that the servers have been working again. Unfortunately for me, my server won't even let me get past the activation button. I've clicked it many, many times but nothing is happening. Are there still some bugs going on or is my server just being weird?
  4. Mine is deciding not to work still. I click the "Activate server" button and nothing happens. I used to just be having the problem of it wouldnt start or it would say its online but it really wasn't but now I can't access it at all
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