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  1. Unfortunately paper spigot has bugs with normal commands, so it m ight be that.
  2. Which plugins did you install, @duckiesquash?
  3. !! [ New announcement for everything ] !! "Is sete gone?" "Is ManaPK replacing Sete?" "Have you guys given up on sete?" To answer all these questions I've been asked, NO Sete isn't gone. There have been less people playing recently for multiple reasons, one of which is a lack of me advertising as people are tired of seeing my username, so maybe you guys should try it to help get people back. We will be doing a giveaway soon on sete I've also been taking a break from everything in life, and trying to balance out my hobbies as sitti
  4. Great tutorial for people that don't understand skript
  5. Go to the plugins tab Search for the plugin Then select "Remove Plugin"
  6. I'd just like to chip in and say this would be a nice feature, but it's unlikely.
  7. This is a forum, and a low-populated one at that. You can't expect them to react to every single bad idea, especially something that's so easy to go in Skript
  8. +1 All of these would be amazing, but I'm not sure about Demo Troll
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