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  1. Minecraft username:Gam3rWamPrevious usernames: TTVPepsi0Timezone:PSTAge (Must be 13+):13Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no):yes Do you have the ability to record hackers?:yep streamlabs obsHave you played PlexPVP much before?:i have played before on my friends pc when i used to go over there to play with him now i just got my pc fixed!Are you multilingual? no only englishAPPLICATION QUESTIONSAre you an active player on Minehut and minecraft in general?:yes i am i play lots of hypixel and mineplex and other servers with my friends i enjoy this game alot as i only have 2 games How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: 15 hours a day or less really depends on school workHave you ever been banned on any minecraft server before? If so, add details:not that i remember im a pretty clean player!What would you say are your weaknesses & strengths (Include detail, provide 2 for both):well i hate when people make fun of me or trash talk me but i get around it. i dont like when people make fun of my voice but i under stand its the internet its bound to happen. one of my strengths are im a really good talker people tend to like me alot. 2nd i play lots of minecraft so im super active here any many servers. Tell us about one of your favorite moments as a minecraft player (On Minecraft):well i was once mining and my friend came up behind me and then blocked me in my tunnel my pick soon to break so i had to mine it with my fist i thought it was funny as we were both lauging.Tell us about a mistake you have made in the past. How did you deal with it and what did you learn?:well i dont wanna say im perfect i try my best not to make mistakes but im human for all so one of them mistakes is i threw my friends keyboard at his monitor so i was like uh oh this aint good so i purchased him a new moniter and keyboard and we were cool afther that i learned not to break stuff that i dont own lol What activities / hobbies do you do outside of Minecraft?:i play lots of basketball i also like to design my own shoes but they fail most of the time but i find it fun.Do you have any previous staffing experience?:no this would be my first hopefully.Anything else we should know? Any talents or strong points?: no i think that would be itThanks for applying. You will receive an answer within 3 days. Be patient.
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